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Content Warnings

Thank you for taking a look at the content warnings for my work. Though I do everything I can to depict triggering content with sensitivity, everybody is different. If there's anything you think should be added to this page, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Please note that these are not spoilers. Be sure to read this list thoroughly.


BEEKEEPER: death of partner, grief and loss, divorce, animal death, animal attack, child abuse, poverty, alcoholism, discussions of suicide, claustrophobia/confinement, insects, war scenes, war massacre, guns, hunting, ableism, injury of child, hoarding disorder, poisoning, use of psilocybin.

STRING THEORY: conspiracy theories, violence, guns, body horror, existential horror, fentanyl and other opioid abuse, drug withdrawal, police brutality, suicide, hanging/nooses, death of parent, classism, poverty, gaslighting, emotional abuse, neglect/abandonment.

MAXIMALISM: death of partner, grief and loss, implied suicide, dementia/Alzheimer's disease, dissociation, psychosis, violence, ableism, classism, tampering with/mutilation of a corpse, medical experimentation, body horror, needles, sleep paralysis, alcoholism, medical emergency, decapitation, train accidents, hostage situation, blackmail, psychiatric hospitalization.

POST-MORTEM: sexual content, sexual abuse (implied), religious abuse, birth, hanging/nooses, animal death, blood, body horror, lashing, depictions of intrusive thoughts, emotional abuse, dog bite, amputation, guns, forest fire.

LATE NIGHT: cocaine abuse, alcohol abuse, divorce, death of parent, death of sibling, murder, graphic violence, child abuse, stalking, car accidents, bullying, homophobia, housefire, burn accident, discrimination against a burn victim, botched plastic surgery. 

CULT OF EGO: body horror, medical horror, religious/spiritual abuse, cults, kidnapping, violence.

ZACK THE MISCHIEF-MAKING CAT: bullying. This webcomic is designed to be appropriate for all audiences, but I would advise parental guidance if a younger child is interested in reading it, as some satirical elements could be misconstrued. (Zack is a very bad influence.)

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