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Here you can download PDFs of my books for free!
Once physical copies are available for purchasing, they will also be available from this page.

Content warnings for my work can be found here.

A black-and-white variation of the book cover for Maximalism, a horror novel by Anthony Delaney.
A black-and-white placeholder book cover for Beekeeper, a horror novel by Anthony Delaney. It features a pair of hunters with rifles strapped to their backs, faced away from the camera, with a small dog following behind them.
A black-and-white placeholder book cover for Post-Mortem, a horror-poetry anthology by Anthony Delaney. It features the profile of a human skull.


After his husband is decapitated by a train, a celebrity attempts to sway public perception in favour of longevity technology.


Following his ex-wife's death, an eccentric farmer struggles to accommodate his estranged teenager during the wool crash of 1970's New Zealand.



A poetry anthology, which functions as a dissector of past events and an explorer of lifecycles.

Up & Coming

Late Night — thriller set in Milwaukee, 1999. A cocaine addicted con-artist discovers that an unknown family friend has been stalking him for nearly a decade.

Two-part novel; part one is complete.

Cult of Ego — camp horror set in the American midwest. As a disgraced geneticist grows enthralled in his own demented fantasies, he becomes obsessed with bringing fictional monsters into the real world.

Graphic novel.

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